Clarisonic Charcoal Detoxifying Brush Head


Infused with black charcoal, newest facial cleansing brush head removes excess oil by gently massaging skin to purify pores and provide a deep clean. This specialty brush head detoxifies and protects your skin from everyday pollutants.


Clarisonic Charcoal Detoxifying Brush Head benefits:

- X6 better cleanse than hands. Patented, proven and safe to use 2x a day, even for sensitive skin;

- Detox & anti-pollution. Pulls out impurities, excess oil, and PM 2.5 pollution from pores;

- Smaller-looking pores. Clear away clogged pores for a more refined and youthful look;

- Gentle. Tested on all skin types, dermatologist tested for gentleness.


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Clarisonic Charcoal Brush

  • Clarisonic (The United States of America)